Toyota FCV Plus Concept Price

Because electric cars do have their problems, there are a few manufacturers out there experimenting with hydrogen fueled cars which still run on electricity but instead of storing it, these cars actually make the electricity onboard in order to save time and energy because hydrogen has a higher density than electricity. Not too long ago, Toyota released another hydrogen-powered car which is currently just a concept but considering its possible uses and the fact it offers pretty much everything people would need, the car has a real chance to go into production or at least the technology used in making it.

Toyota FCV Plus Concept Price

The Toyota FCV Plus Concept has been released last year at the Tokyo Auto Show and it’s their second car to be released after the Mirai. Just like the Mirai, the car is a hydrogen-powered vehicle and it should offer all the advantages of an electric car without any of its disadvantages. The price is unknown at this point considering that it is a concept but if they will decide to release it in a limited supply, then expect the FCV Plus to cost more than the Mirai by around 20 to 40% due to the extra technology involved in it.

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Toyota FCV Plus

The design of the car is impressive, to say the least, but it is unlike any other car currently on the market which also means that it is highly unlikely that Toyota will go into production with this design. The front end features two large triangular grilles and a large tunnel right between them while the back is very similar as well. The cabin is a massive glass canopy which provides excellent visibility while the rear wheels are hidden under protective covers that likely improve its aerodynamic capabilities. The interior is just as futuristic with four individual seats and a driving post that resembles that of a helicopter with a steering wheel that can be moved or retracted in order to allow the car to drive autonomously.


Toyota FCV Plus Concept Interior

Toyota FCV Plus Specs

Engine wise, they stated that the Toyota FCV Plus Concept is rocking four in-wheel electric motors but the output is currently unknown. Considering the car’s size, it is unlikely that it will have more than 300 horsepower when it will go into production. The hydrogen fuel tank is behind the rear seats while the cell is mounted right in front of the cabin. The car is likely having a battery onboard as well and on top of that, its greatest feature is that it can run on externally stored hydrogen, meaning it can be used as a stationary power plant running on hydrogen, basically allowing people to connect it to the grid and feed power into their home and beyond.

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Toyota FCV

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