Toyota Aygo 2016 Price and Specs

The all new model of the Aygo has been released back in 2014 together with its two siblings, the Peugeot 108 and the Citroen C1. Just like with the previous model, the car is using the same platform, engines and running gear as the other two but the interior and exterior are different. Also, unlike the previous model which was rather dull, the new Aygo has been built with more customization options in mind in order to appeal to the younger generation and to make the car more desirable. The Toyota Aygo 2016 will be the first update of the car released nearly two years ago and it will include a couple of changes on the outside and inside as well as a few tweaks to its running gear.

Toyota Aygo 2016 Price and Release Date

Let’s start with the running gear which is expected to receive slightly harder dampers as well as new springs. These should not only reduce body-roll but it should allow the car to offer a better driving experience than before. The release date for all of these will likely be later this year and the car should be ready to be released on the market shortly after that. The price will remain unchanged so it will continue to be a great value for money car with a base price of less than €10,000.

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2016 Toyota Aygo

Toyota Aygo 2016 Specs

Under the hood of the Toyota Aygo 2016, there are going to be the same two engines as before, both of them being 3 cylinder mills. This time around, though, both of them will be Euro 6 so the CO2 and NOx emissions are going to go down once again. The smaller 1-liter unit will continue to deliver 68 horsepower while the larger 1.2-liter model will offer up to 81 horsepower, both of them being enough for city driving and short trips on highways but both of them will suffer from poor fuel consumption and a noisy operation during high-speed use. The good part is that there is plenty of torque available from as low as 2,000 rpm and when equipped with the optional 6-speed automatic gearbox, the car will be even more efficient than when equipped with the 5-speed manual.

Exterior and Interior Design

New Toyota Aygo 2016

In terms of design, the Toyota Aygo 2016 will only receive a couple of new customization features such as more colors to choose from or new wheels on the top end models. The interior will receive a bit more attention and rumors suggest that the base model will now get an optional air conditioning system which would be a major plus for the car. Also, inside the cabin, a new infotainment system will become available for the top end versions of the car which is now going to feature phone-screen mirroring.

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