Tesla Model 3 Price, Specs, Interior

Tesla’s brand new Model 3 has been showcased a few months ago and even though it received mixed criticism, mostly for the way it looks, it managed to impress everyone with the sheer amount of work Tesla put into the car and its base price which will start at just $35,000, a massive improvement over any other current electric car out there. However, it seems that the Tesla Model 3 hasn’t been fully showcased just yet and merely a couple of days ago Elon Musk said that they will finish the design in the next six weeks which means that the car will likely change from what we have seen a few months ago.

Tesla Model 3 Price

There are still no details about how it will change but we expect its rather dull interior to be upgraded while the car’s design might change slightly in order to please everyone. One of the most interesting aspects of the upcoming Tesla Model 3 is the price and its range. There is no other electric car currently on the market which can run for more than 200 miles for just $35,000. Its closest competitor is going to be the Chevy Bolt but this will be around $10,000 more expensive and it will very likely not employ all the technology the Model 3 is going to feature such as an autonomous driving mode and a lot of neat features that will make the $35,000 sedan the best buy in its class.

2017 Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Review

But what do we know about the future Tesla Model 3? Well, so far Elon said that the car will be able to go more than 200 miles with a single charge and the least powerful model will get to 60 MPH in less than 6 seconds. Just like with the Model S, higher performance and likely higher range models are going to be offered at a later date through the addition of another engine and likely a larger battery pack as well. The base model is going to be rear wheel drive only but there are rumors for an all wheel drive version as well. At this moment, we still don’t know for sure what the capacity of its battery is going to be but considering the 200 miles of range and likely a 300 to 350 horsepower electric motor, we expect the battery to be a 60 kWh unit or slightly lower.

Tesla Model 3 2017

This should be more than enough for those 200 miles and with the technology improvements Tesla did, it would be light and small enough to have room in the Model 3’s chassis which is quite a bit smaller than that of the Model S.

You would wonder why a $35,000 electric car with 200 miles of the range has been criticized so badly. Well, its design is a bit on the futuristic side of things and even though it still has some styling cues from the Model S, the no-grille front end, and the rather unusual body structure, the car was regarded as being one of the uglier models out there. We have to disagree, though. Tesla wants a functional design at first and the rather odd shape gives the car a good aerodynamic coefficient and the missing grille is there because it has no engine to cool. Instead, the batteries are going to be cooled by a closed-loop circuit with a small heat exchanger under the car.

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Tesla Model 3 Interior

Another interesting fact is that the car revealed as the Tesla Model 3 has a placeholder for its interior. This boasts a large center touch-screen, a steering wheel, and five seats but that’s about it. Elon said that the finished car is going to look a lot more like a car and less than a concept. It will have a proper dashboard, better seats, and much better materials than what they showcased a couple of months ago.

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