Is Pontiac coming back in 2016?

Even though the Pontiac brand has been on the market for more than eight decades, back in 2009 GM decided to pull the plug on them in order to focus on their major brands, a move which has been done by many other manufacturers throughout the years. Many thought that a new Pontiac car would never be made but not too long ago a small company in the US decided to take the matter into their own hands and released the Trans Am car based on the fifth generation Camaro. This is not an official Pontiac model but it is quite close to one. Because the car was quite successful, GM might take action against them or even release the brand once again.

Is Pontiac coming back in 2016?

Is Pontiac coming back in 2016? And if they will be released once again, what type of cars are they going to make? Considering that currently GM has two brands specialized in luxury cars with Cadillac and Buick, a truck brand with their GMC line and a brand that spans across many markets with Chevrolet, we could go as far as to say that the upcoming Pontiac brand might become their new sport division, similar to what AMG is to Mercedes. This would still allow GM to focus on their brands at making cars while the Pontiac brand would likely focus on improving Chevrolet and probably GMC cars in order to make them faster and more exclusive.

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Pontiac model

There is still no word if the Trans Am Depot is going to be discontinued at this point but if GM will take the matter into their own hands they might even buy the company in order to start up with something. They would likely invest quite a bit of money into this small firm but they would move the production in a new area in order to have access to a lot more suppliers. Also, instead of buying donor cars and then make new Trans Am models, this time, around, because Pontiac will be part of GM, the car’s cost should go down by a big margin thanks to the fact GM will basically supply everything they need.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am side

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Price

The price of their upcoming models is still unknown at this point but because the new brand will be aimed at improving already well-known models makes us think that they price might jump by around 20 to 50% depending on the car of choice. For example, the high-performance version of the Camaro is likely going to be called the Trans Am and Pontiac will not only improve the engine but it will also give it a completely new look in order to be reminiscent of the original. On top of that, the interior of the cars is expected to be heavily improved no matter the model which should allow them to compete with the likes of Mercedes or Audi.

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So, is Pontiac coming back in 2016? At this point in time it still is unclear if they will make it but considering that GM has all the resources they need and that the Trans Am Depot already make great cars, the combination of these two companies would likely be a very interesting one from which only great cars can emerge. We only hope that GM will do this for their fans, and there are many, as well as for the brand recognition especially since the Pontiac brand is one of the best known in the World and it really is a shame that their cars have been discontinued in order to allow them to focus on their other models. If the brand will be released once again, let’s just hope that this time around it will be for good.

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