Nissan Bladeglider Concept

Ever since the Deltawing has been released back in 2012, people have been left wondering about a production model similar to it. The car uses a very interesting setup where the front track is much narrower than the rear track. This allows for great high speed stability and it should allow the driver to drive it faster with more ease. Well, it seems that the Deltawing might be heading into production because the Nissan Bladeglider Concept has just been released. Like the previously mentioned car, it features a narrower front track but to a lower extent. On top of that, this is a fully electric vehicle and it has been made in order to prove that electric cars can be fun.

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The Bladeglider has been built on a bespoke chassis and it is made out of really interesting materials. For starters, carbon fiber and aluminum have been used extensively and despite having a large battery pack, the car weighs less than 1,350 kilograms which are very impressive. The release date for a production model has not been made available. However, we do know the price of the concept which has been set at a massive of £1,000,000. This is a lot more than any other electric car of this output. However, the Bladeglider also has the advantage of being the only car with this type of design which makes it very impressive.

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Nissan Bladeglider Concept design

Despite the Nissan Bladeglider Concept wears the Nissan badge on its hood, it doesn’t really look like one. The front is as slim as that of a one-seat car. Despite that, they decided to integrate the V-shaped corporate design with a V-shaped LED headlight which is mounted straight in the middle of the car. The back on the other hand looks like nothing else from Nissan’s roster. There is a small diffuser, a center-mounted fog-lamps, similar to F1 cars, as well as really aggressively shaped air exhausts. The roof is in the shape of an X and it is made out of carbon fiber. The most impressive feature of the car has to be its doors. These are dihedral rear-hinged and not only allow for an easy way in or out but also looks amazing.

Nissan Bladeglider Interior



Because the front end is so narrow, the Bladeglider actually features just three seats. The driver sits right in the middle of the car with the two passengers being right behind him. The dashboard is very similar to what you would get in a racing car with a multifunctional steering wheel and four LCD screens, two of which being the side mirrors. The upholstery is orange and all the three passengers sit in individual bucket seats with four-point seat-belts.

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Under the hood

Well, there is nothing but a small storage space under its hood. Instead, the Nissan Bladeglider Concept features two electric motors, each driving a rear wheel. Each of these offers 174 horsepower and the total combined output has been set at 268 horsepower and a massive 521 lb-ft of torque. These have been confirmed to give the car a 0 to 62 MPH time of less than 5 seconds and a top speed of 115 MPH. Even though this doesn’t seem that impressive, the Bladeglider does it without any emissions. Also, its unique shape gives it superior high speed performance over any other car out there. In order to allow it to drive for longer amounts of time, the battery is a massive 220 kWh pack. Even though Nissan said that performance is much more important than range, the battery is more than double than that of the most expensive Model S. This might give it as much as 500 miles, or more, of all electric range if driven carefully. If not we are quite sure that it would be enough for a full race which is very impressive for a car as light as the Bladeglider.



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