All New Toyota Fortuner 2017

Toyota Fortuner 2017 – The second generation of the Fortuner has already been released in Australia as well as in Indonesia but in some markets, the car will only come on the market as the Toyota Fortuner 2017, meaning it still is nearly a full year away from launch. Toyota did this to focus on the other better selling models, but this doesn’t mean that the Fortuner will not come in these markets at all. On top of being released in a couple more markets, the 2017 model of the Hilux-based crossover is expected to receive slight tweaks to its running gear and transmission to allow for a smoother ride than before.

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Changes

Besides these small changes, the car will remain the same as the 2016 model, and that’s to be expected considering it has just been released on the market. The chassis will remain the same as before while the price is likely going to stay on the same levels with only the top end models seeing a small price increase to differentiate it from some of its close siblings.

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Toyota Fortuner 2017 side

Design of Exterior

The design of the Toyota Fortuner 2017 will be identical to that of the 2016 model, meaning that the car will continue to use the same “Keen Look” grille design that is also found on the Hilux and its close relatives. Also, the back will continue to offer the same muscular design while the car will now come in all markets with 17- inch steel rims or with a selection of aluminum ones. A TRD package is also expected to be released which will add new bumpers spoilers as well as a small roof spoiler at the back.

2017 Toyota Fortuner

2017 Toyota Fortuner Interior

Inside the cabin, the car will continue to offer the same interior which is good because this time around it doesn’t look like a Hilux. Instead, Toyota gave the Fortuner a design which is a lot closer to that of the Land Cruiser when it comes to the dashboard look or the premium feel of the materials.

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Toyota Fortuner 2017 Interior

Toyota Fortuner 2017 Specs

In India, the Toyota Fortuner 2017 is going to be available in a few different configurations. While in some markets the seven-seat crossover is also available with rear-wheel drive, the Indian market will only get the all wheel drive version. Also, instead of having petrol engines, it will only come with two different diesel. The base model will get a 2.4-liter unit with 150 horsepower and 400 N*m of torque while the top of the range one will get a larger 2.8-liter unit with 177 horsepower and 450 N*m of torque, both of them being a part of Toyota’s new GD family of engines. Also, a 6-speed manual will be offered as standard while a six-speed automatic will be offered either as an option.

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