New Toyota Celica 2017

The Celica is the car that spawned the Supra as a sportier trim level. However, in the recent years, the car has been forgotten because Toyota decided to discontinue it. Rumors about a new version have been around ever since the last model has been discontinued but so far nothing came to fruition. However, now that the GT86 is nearing its end of life, even more rumors about a future Celica started to appear. It seems that the car would be released with the new Toyota Celica 2017. However, even though the concept will likely be shown by the end of 2017, a production model could not hit the market until 2020.

2017 Toyota Celica Price

There are some really interesting facts and rumors about the upcoming Celica. For starters, it seems that the front wheel design, which was adopted in the ‘90s, would be gone. Instead, the car would return to its roots and be based on a rear wheel drive design. Likewise, it will likely be sold alongside the Supra as a less powerful version of it. This would fall in line with Toyota’s statement that they want to release three different versions of the Supra. The price of the new Toyota Celica 2017 would fall between $20,000 and $25,000 for a base model which would make it even more affordable than the current 86.

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2017 Toyota Celica

The smaller price doesn’t mean it will be worse, though. The upcoming 2017 Toyota Celica should come with pretty much everything the 86 has plus a lot of neat extras. For starters, this time around the car will be slightly larger than before. This has been required by many people as the current model simply doesn’t have enough rear room. On top of that, the design should change dramatically. Because it will be rear wheel driven, it should have nothing in common with the last Celica. Instead, the car might share quite a few design notes with the 86. The long hood, short rear end, and rather aggressive design are all going to be used. This time around the car could also get influences from the past such as quad-headlights up front and a dual side exhaust.

New Toyota Celica 2017 Interior

The innovations will not stop here. The New Toyota Celica 2017 should offer a much nicer interior as well. While the materials will be on par with those used on the GT86, the car’s design will be all new. Some even said that it may share its dashboard design with the Supra. This would be quite interesting to see, especially since the Supra will offer a really minimalistic-looking interior.

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New Toyota Celica 2017 Interior

2017 Toyota Celica Engine

The largest change over its predecessor, the 86, is most definitely going to be the engine. The current car makes use of a 2 liter naturally aspirated flat-four designed and built by Subaru. While it is fine for pretty much everything, it is one of the least powerful engines ever to be fitted to a modern sports car. In its place, the 2017 Toyota Celica might feature two different powertrains. The base model would get to use a rather interesting 1.5 liter turbocharged inline 3 petrol engine. This would offer close to 180 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque and it would be aimed directly at the MX-5.

It is worth mentioning that with the new car, a new chassis is a given. This would use a lot more aluminum than before and it should allow Toyota to shave some more weight. Also, the car’s driving characteristics should be improved to perfect. A 2-liter engine, for those wanting more power, might also be available. With more than 270 horsepower on tap, this should be what most waited for. Both will be offered with a standard six-speed manual and both will be rear wheel drive only. An automatic is also expected to be offered as an option for both powertrains.

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