Maserati Autofunebre Ellena G 3.0

Custom hearses have been around ever since the last century. This is because many people want the best for their loved ones even when the pass away. A creation made for this specific purpose is the Maserati Autofunebre Ellena G 3.0. Even though the name might not say everything, this is the latest hearse built by Ellena Transformationi, a coach-building company from Italy specialized in hearses. The Autofunebre G 3.0 is based on the Ghibli platform and it comes with most of the drivetrain usually found on it. However, it has been extensively modified so it is now more than 260 inches long or 6.6 meters.

More details

This makes it one of the longest cars out there and quite close to the Rolls Royce hearse which has been released a few years ago. One of the most interesting facts about the new Maserati hearse is that it has been lengthened by more than 60 inches. These have been mostly added to the wheelbase of the car. Despite that, it still is rear wheel drive and it still performs quite well even though it is not as important for a car like it. The price is, unfortunately, unknown at this point but the company that made it are taking orders and will build one for anyone interested in it.

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The powertrain

Just like with the regular European Ghibli, the Autofunebre G 3.0 comes as standard with a 3 liter turbocharged V6 diesel. This puts out 271 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. The actual performance details have not been disclosed. However, the base Ghibli will hit 60 MPH in 6.3 seconds and it will hit 155 MPH. The Autofunebre has most likely been limited to a set top speed. On top of that, the 0 to 60 MPH is certainly worse. Why? Well, the car also has quite a bit of weight added to it. Even though there are no official numbers, we are looking at at least 1,000 pounds extra over the base model. These include the fiberglass rear shell, the lengthened chassis and the beefed up suspension which will also have to carry a heavy coffin.

Maserati Autofunebre Ellena G 3.0 Design


Unlike other cars of this nature, the Maserati Autofunebre Ellena G 3.0 retains all its five seats unchanged. This has been possible thanks to its massive length. On top of that, it offers 2.35 meters long coffin enclosure which should be enough for most. The most dramatic changes are in the back with the coffin compartment. This is surrounded by glass and even though it alters the look of the car, the end result looks like it was meant to be.

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