Honda Pilot 2017 Review

Released a year ago, the current Pilot is one of the most rewarding seven seats crossovers on the market. Despite the fact it offers nearly zero off-road capabilities, the car is better than pretty much any of its rivals. There is plenty of room inside the cabin, the engine is great and it looks good too. There are only a few issues with it and it seems that they will unfortunately not be solved for the 2017 Honda Pilot. This model is expected to be launched by the end of the year and go on sale shortly after. Unlike what many manufacturers are doing, the 2017 model is expected to be pretty much identical to the ongoing version.

Honda Pilot 2017 Price

As strange as this may be, Honda doesn’t really have to change anything for the car to be good. The price will likely stay around $31,000 which is still pretty affordable. Its top end models won’t go over $40,000 by much, so the value for money is there.


One of its least impressive points are the safety options. While most other manufacturers tend to offer pretty much everything from the start, the Pilot does miss a few things. The blind-spot monitoring system is only available on the range-topping model and only as an option. We have no clue why Honda decided to take this move but it is quite strange. Luckily, though, things such as frontal collision warning, an active cruise control, and lane keep assist can all be had for a cheap fee in a package. However, this is not available on the base model and it seems that the 2017 Honda Pilot is not going to change that.

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2017 Honda Pilot Interior


As far as the quality of the materials inside the cabin goes we can’t really complain. Everything is soft to the touch, smooth and quite refined. The 2017 model might bring with it a new infotainment system to replace the older unit in the current model. However, besides that, it should be the same as before. Its passengers will still enjoy plenty of space, great technologies as well as really comfortable seats. Same thing should happen with its exterior design as well. Besides a few color changes and likely a new set of rims, the car will remain identical to the ongoing model. However, this is to be expected for a car this new that looks this good.


Honda Pilot 2017 Specs

Like you would expect already, not many changes are going to happen under the hood of the Honda Pilot 2017. The car will still come with the same 3.5 liters naturally aspirated V6 engine as before. This direct-injected unit is currently good for 280 horsepower and little over 250 lb-ft of torque and it shouldn’t change much, if at all. The difference here is expected to be the 6-speed automatic which may not be present on the newest Pilot. Instead, its previously optional 9 speed automatic might now be offered as standard across the board. This is usually smoother, faster and quite a bit better at keeping the V6 engine under control. Some rumors stated a while back that a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 would be added to the mix. It would certainly make sense as Honda now makes these engines in the US. However, the new Honda Pilot 2017 is not really a fast car. Instead, a large V6 engine is preferred here where the relaxed torque is handier. A hybrid, on the other hand, would make a lot more sense. This might get to use the small 2-liter engine in cooperation with a set of electric motors. The all wheel drive system would be done electrically, so the car would easily become a lot more efficient than some of its competitors.

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