Citroen CXperience Concept looks amazing

Not that long ago the PSA group launched the DS brand which is set to become their new luxury arm which should release at least five new models by 2020. Even though so far they haven’t released any details, Citroen went ahead a month before the Paris Auto Show and showcased the Citroen CXperience Concept. The car is a large luxury sedan which would perfectly fit the DS brand if it would ever be released on the market. So far though it seems that it is just a concept but this might change in the future. For starters, it is roughly the same size as an Audi A7 which is quite interesting.

More details

Why? Well, let’s not forget that Citroen doesn’t really have a luxury car anymore after the C6 has been discontinued a while ago. This would make the CXperience a great successor for it even though it hasn’t been confirmed to go into production. Unfortunately, at this point, Citroen didn’t release all that many details about the car. However, it seems that it is based on a front-wheel-drive platform and it uses a hybrid powertrain. On top of that, it is quite large but very low for a car of its size. The CXperience is 191 inches long but only 54 inches tall which is noticeably lower than many cars of this size.

Citroen CXperience Concept Design

The Citroen CXperience Concept looks amazing and it does seem to be where the brand is heading in terms of design language. The front end is quite subtle with the headlights being integrated into the grille. Also, the large V-shaped air intakes on the sides, which also house the fog lamps, do give it a much wider appearance. The front bumper also seems to feature electric flaps that open and close depending on the speed the car is traveling at. Citroen will most likely give the final details about it closer to release. The actual shape of the car is somewhat reminiscent of the old C6. However, due to the much more aggressive styling, the CXperience does look a lot more like a coupe. The concept also sits on 22-inch rims and features a wraparound glasshouse which is both not going to see production due to the production costs that would be involved.

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CXperience Concept Interior

Like with most other concepts, the car features a very futuristic interior which won’t see production any time soon. The seats wrap the center console with their cushions while the dashboard, back of the seats and most of the inserts are made out of wood. On top of that, the materials used, while environment-friendly, wouldn’t resist the wear and tear in a normal car.

What powers the Citroen CXperience Concept?

So far Citroen only said that the car is using a new plug-in hybrid powertrain which drives the front wheels. They confirmed that the car makes a total combined output of 300 horsepower and that it will be able to travel up to 37 miles on electricity. This is certainly better than many other cars in a similar class but things may change if the car will be released. Even though Citroen didn’t release much else about this powertrain, we are quite sure that they are using a diesel-electric system. This has been used in the past on different PSA cars with great success and it would work just fine on the CXperience. However, if we are wrong and Citroen goes for a petrol-electric hybrid then we have a first on our hands. This would have a lot more oomph needed to outrun cars like the A7 but it may also trade some of the efficiency usually found on a diesel.

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