Alfa Romeo Gran Turismo Leggera Concept – same platform as the Giulia

Alfa Romeo just released the Giulia, the first model in their new lineup aimed to compete directly with cars like BMW and Mercedes. However, the Giulia is not the only car that will be released. In fact, at least five more are expected in the next few years. One of these might just be the Alfa Romeo Gran Turismo Leggera Concept. Basically the two-door version of the Giulio, it is currently just a concept but it might just hit the market around 2020 as the Giulia Coupe. This would give Alfa a true competitor for the BMW 4 Series and the Audi A5 with the added benefit of looking better than most of its rivals.

What is it?

So far ti seems that the Leggera concept is going to use the same platform as the Giulia. This is a rear wheel drive platform which makes heavy use of aluminum, high-strength steel, and some carbon fiber. The there actual size of the new coupe is, unfortunately, unknown at this point. However, from the renders, it seems that it might use the same wheelbase as the sedan. Despite that, it is quite clear that the front and rear overhangs are much shorter. This would give it great high-speed stability as well as plenty of interior space without compromising the interior or the way it looks. The price is currently unknown but if it will hit the market, expect it to be with up to $5,000 more expensive than the equivalent Giulia which is also the same pricing scheme of its rivals.

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Alfa Romeo Gran Turismo Leggera Concept Design

There is no denial about it. The Alfa Romeo Gran Turismo Leggera Concept is one of the best-looking cars we have seen in a while. Even though it is expected to become Giulia’s two door version, it looks nothing like it. The front end has been polished to an extent where it looks like a miniature version of a Ferrari. The grille is the same V-shaped “triangular” currently found on the Giulia. However, the headlights are slightly sharper while the hood actually envelops the grille for a more dramatic effect. The lower grille features a honeycomb mesh which is then completed by a small splitter. The back seems to be heavily inspired by the older GT with some influences from the Giulia while the center exhaust does complete the look.



Alfa Romeo Leggera Interior

Unfortunately, at this point, the concept doesn’t seem to have a finished cabin. However, considering Alfa’s previous history with two door cars, it is safe to assume that the Alfa Romeo Turismo Leggera Concept is going to use a very similar setup to the Giulia. Despite that, it will only feature four seats in order to allow for the really sporty shape.




At this point, it still is unknown if the car will get the 2.9 liters twin-turbocharged V6 from Ferrari with its 505 horsepower. Some suggested that this engine would create a lot of competition for Maserati. However, we are quite sure that it wouldn’t consider the massive price difference between the cars. Instead, it would allow Alfa Romeo to compete with the BMW M4, Audi RS5, and the Mercedes C63AMG Coupe while looking better than all three. Like we said, the car will be offered as a rear wheel drive coupe. This doesn’t mean that a four wheel drive version won’t be available. Also, on top of that Ferrari-supplied engine,t he Leggera might also use smaller and more efficient powertrains. A base 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 is expected to be offered as standard. On top of that, a larger 3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 offering between 300 and 400 horsepower is also a real possibility. Unlike the Giulia, the Leggera is very likely going to feature only an automatic transmission.

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