2017 Toyota SF-R Price and Release Date

Toyota currently has on the market only one sports car, the GT86, a very good value for money car that offers the thrills of a more expensive machine without any of its drawbacks. Its main competitor has been the Miata for ages but while the two are priced quite close to each other, the Miata is a convertible, the GT86 is a coupe and on top of that, the Toyota model is heavier and not as fun to drive as the smaller Miata. In order to give Mazda a run for its money, Toyota released back in 2015 at the Tokyo Motor Show the 2017 Toyota SF-R, a tiny sports car which is expected to go into production in the following months.

2017 Toyota SF-R Price

Is is unclear for now what platform Toyota is using for this tiny car but they have confirmed that it is rear wheel drive, so it should provide quite a bit of fun without too many issues. Also, the car will most likely be less than $20,000 when it will hit the market which will make it cheaper than the Miata in the US but it will be just as expensive in Europe as the entry-level Miata, meaning that Toyota will definitely have an edge.

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Toyota SF-R


In terms of engines, Toyota stated that the car is using a 1.5 liter naturally aspirated inline 4 petrol engine which will be good for around 130 horsepower and 115 to 120 lb-ft of torque which is not much but considering the car’s weight and the fact that it is tiny, this should be more than enough to provide a good driving experience. The only transmission of choice will be a 6-speed manual which will drive the rear wheels, thus offering the classic sports-car feel. Unlike many other cars in its class, the SF-R will offer a front-mid-engine design which will be possible thanks to its long wheelbase and short length that will push the wheels to the extremities of the body. Also, this design is very similar to the iconic Toyota 800, so people will definitely like the way the production model will look.

2017 Toyota SF-R Design

Toyota SF-R 2016

Speaking of design, the 2017 Toyota SF-R is a rather interesting car because if offers large front and rear black inserts on the bumper that make it looks like it has massive air intakes and exhausts. Also, the headlights, while round, have small inserts on the top which make the SF-R look like a very angry car. Inside the cabin, it is offering only the basic necessities but this should be more than enough considering what the car is made for.

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2016 Toyota SF-R Interior

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