2017 Toyota CH-R

The C-HR concept was shown a while ago as a two-door hybrid crossover that was meant to fill the space under the RAV4. While many thought that it was just a concept car, a few months ago the 2017 Toyota CH-R was released which is the production version of the concept and unlike what happens with most concepts, its design has been kept quite close to the original which is very unusual, especially for a car in this class. Like many rumors suggested, the new C-HR is using Toyota’s entirely new modular Global architecture which first debuted on the new Prius.

This allowed them to build a lighter chassis which is quite a bit stronger than that of the RAV4 for example. On top of that, the new platform means that new engines are available for the car. Even though it might look quite small, the C-HR is in fact nearly 8 inches longer and has a 4 inches longer wheelbase than the Juke which is a car in its class. This should mean that it will be able to carry its passengers in more comfort but considering the bold design that remains to be seen as Toyota hasn’t said anything officially about its interior.

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Toyota CHR 2017

2017 Toyota CH-R Price

The price is also unknown at this point but all of its competitors start around $20,000 which means that Toyota will likely offer it at roughly the same price.


Is unknown at this point what engine the US market model will receive but we know that the one offered on the International market is going to be available with either a 1.2 liter turbocharged inline 4 unit or with a hybrid version sporting a 1.8 liter naturally aspirated mill and an electric motor, a similar setup to that of the Prius. The one on the US market, on the other hand, is very likely going to receive a larger 2 liter naturally aspirated engine offering closer to 150 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque or the previously mentioned hybrid which should have 120 horsepower. In any case, a CVT gearbox is very likely going to be the only option while front or all-wheel drive are going to be available.

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2017 Toyota CH-R Design

New 2017 Toyota CH-R

Let’s now take a closer look at the way the new 2017 Toyota CH-R looks. Unlike many other of its competitors, Honda took a gamble with their small crossover and so far it seems that it paid off as it looks quite a bit better than pretty much any of its direct competitors. This is mostly because the car is nearly identical to its concept which is quite unusual but unlike the concept it now offers four doors where the rear doors have hidden handles and a rather raked window-line which makes the new C-HR look a lot like a small coupe crossover.
The front end looks like nothing else on the road with a sharp style and a really aggressive design while the flared wheel arches and the sloped roof will certainly make it win the title for the best looking car in its class. The back is a bit more different and it actually takes a few styling cues from the new Prius which is not that great but somehow Toyota managed to integrate all of that quite nicely in its design.

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Toyota CHR 2017 Interior

2017 Toyota CH-R Interior

Unfortunately, Toyota hasn’t said much about how the interior of the 2017 Toyota CH-R is going to look but considering that the car is aimed at the younger generation we are expecting something a lot more impressive than what the RAV4 offers which can be regarded as having one of the least inspiring interiors in its class. We expect glossy and soft touch materials, sporty looking seats and a lot of customization options for the funky looking C-HR.

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