2017 Nissan Roque Review

The ongoing generation of the Rogue has been released for the 2014 MY and even though it is quite a new model to the market, it is already going to receive a mid-life update with the upcoming 2017 Nissan Rogue which has already been spied testing in the wild a few months ago. This update is a bit earlier than usual because the Rogue is basically the same car as the X-Trail which is scheduled to receive the update in the next couple of months.

Nissan Rogue 2017 Release Date

The actual release date is still unknown but it seems that by the end of the year we might see the new car on the market.

2017 Nissan Roque Price

Its price shouldn’t be impacted all that much which means a base price of around $25,000 is to be expected which is a bit more than the previous model. This is because the car should come with a lot more gear inside the cabin as well as a slightly better powertrain which was the major letdown of the current generation.

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The running gear might also get a bit of attention as well mostly because the current version of the Rogue felt a bit too disconnected from the road. In order to alleviate and likely get rid of this problem, the 2017 Nissan Rogue might receive a more responsive steering box and slightly better shocks in order to create a more comfortable and more controllable ride. The brakes should be carried over unchanged and so will be the rest of the chassis.

2017 Nissan Roque Interior and Exterior

Nissan Roque 2017

Some of the largest changes for the new model are going to be inside and out and even though Nissan hasn’t released any official pictures so far, the camouflaged model which was spied testing a while ago gives us a good idea of how it may look like. Both its front and rear were slightly covered which means that the update will very likely bring the same type of front end that can be found on the larger Murano with its redesigned V-Motion grille. Also, while the vehicle spied a while ago didn’t have it, there are some rumors suggesting that the future Rogue is going to get a floating roof effect towards the back with a blacked our C-pillar. This would certainly make the car more interesting to look at but at this point, it still is unclear if it will feature this new design.

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Nissan Roque Back

Also in order to make their car more appealing, Nissan might install inside the cabin an entirely new infotainment and navigation system, better seats as well as more insulation which should make the car run a lot quieter at highway speeds.

2017 Nissan Roque Interior

2017 Nissan Roque Specs

Probably the biggest problem with the current model is the 2.5-liter engine which has been carried over unchanged form the older Rogue. The European version is mostly available with diesel offerings but in the US this is not really an option. However, because the old 2.5 liter is not that good by today’s standards, we are pretty sure that the 2017 Nissan Rogue is going to receive a new 1.6 liter turbocharged inline 4 mill, engine which is already available on different Renault cars. This should be capable of providing 195 horsepower and more than 200 lb-ft of torque, quite a bit more than the previous engine, all while using not only less fuel but also being a lot smoother than before.
Coming to its aid we should also see a revised CVT gearbox which should allow the driver to make better use of the new engine. The 0 to 60 MPH time should decrease to around 7 seconds and its fuel consumption should now get closer to 30 MPG on average, quite a bit improvement over the 27 MPG of the current engine.

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