2017 Kia Soul Price and Spy

The Soul is a funky-looking car designed as a great city car which is, in fact, a lot more than that. Even though many people considering that it looks too childish, the Soul comes with one of the best interiors on the market. It is also well equipped, powerful as well as quite fun to drive. Unfortunately, it is not perfect. It currently misses a more efficient model and its materials inside the cabin could be better. If you, like us, are one of those people who love the little car rejoice. It seems that a mid-life update is going to be released with the upcoming 2017 Kia Soul.

2017 Kia Soul Spy



Kia Soul Spy

Not officially announced by Kia so far, the model has been spied testing in numerous occasions. While most manufacturers usually camouflage the parts that changed on the facelift, Kia rolled out and tested a completely camouflaged model. This is a bit unusual but we are quite sure that the 2017 model is only sporting minimal changes on the outside. The bulk of the upgrades will be inside the cabin and under the hood. With the new car, some people also expect the basic pricing scheme to change. We are not so sure about this but the car could do with a more expensive version. The base model is likely still going to cost around $14,500 which is very good considering what it has to offer.

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2017 Kia Soul Specs

There are currently two different engines on the Soul. The base model gets a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated 130 horsepower inline 4 while as an option, a 2-liter unit is also available. It seems that the upcoming 2017 Kia Soul will get rid of its larger engine. Also, the base 1.6-liter unit is expected to receive a new 6-speed manual gearbox which should make better use of its short torque curve. The top of the range model, on the other hand, will receive another 1.6-liter engine. This time around this should be Kia’s turbocharged inline 4 which is easily capable of more than 200 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque.

Its performance figures are not out just yet but considering the extra power, it should be at least a full second faster to 60 MPH. This engine, thanks to the fact it is a full aluminum unit, should allow the new turbo Soul to get 150 to 200 pounds lighter than before. This lightness will also translate into better fuel efficiency and better performance. An automatic, most likely a dual-clutch, should be offered as standard on this range-topping engine. In the near future, a fully electric model might also be released. This could offer around 150 horsepower and close to 200 miles of all-electric range. So far Kia hasn’t confirmed it but it seems they are in fact testing it.

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2017 Kia Soul Design



Many people said that the Soul has no place on the market and that’s its design is odd. We tend to disagree with that. While the car is different, we think it is a great model which surely has its fans. Because of that we really don’t think that Kia changed much about it. While the test mule was fully camouflaged, we do expect minor revisions such as new headlights and possibly new tail lights as well. The color options should be updated while the rims will most definitely change for the new car.

Last time its cabin has been updated was when it launched on the market. It received a new steering wheel in the process but that’s about it. The facelifted 2017 Kia Soul should get a more similar design inside the cabin to that of the Sportage. The Audi-like dashboard is likely going to be installed while better materials are also in order.

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