2017 Honda Accord Release Date

The ongoing generation of the Accord has been extensively updated for the 2016 MY but unfortunately, the hybrid version of the car has not been available for this update. This is because Honda moved the production of the hybrid from the US to Japan in order to allow them to build a cheaper car because most of their suppliers are in fact in Japan. The all new 2017 Honda Accord comes with a revised powertrain, a lot of upgrades inside the cabin over the previous hybrid as well as a slightly more modern look. However, the car still is an Accord and over the regular version there aren’t that many differences.

2017 Honda Accord Price

2017 Accord

This is not a problem though because it looks fresh inside and out and the most important part of the hybrid has already been revised, it’s engine. This was in desperate need of some attention as the car was not fueled efficient enough to be worth the extra money over the regular model. However, times change and the new generation of the hybrid should now be a great deal for those looking for a rather cheap but still more premium car than the Prius which is offering the bare minimum. The price of the hybrid Accord is quite high when compared to the Prius but Honda said it will only be slightly more expensive than the previous $31,000 and even at around $32,000, the base equipment level and a large amount of space available inside the cabin will be worth it for many people.

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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

2017 Honda Accord Specs

Like we said, one of the largest updates for the new 2017 Honda Accord is the hybrid engine which has been extensively upgraded. It still uses a 2 liter naturally aspirated Atkinson cycle unit which is then coupled to not one but two motor-generator units which can provide either power under load or regenerative energy during deceleration. Also, the total output of the hybrid has been increased to 212 horsepower and its EPA fuel economy ratings are 49 MPG in the city and 47 MPG on the highway which is a few MPG off the Prius but still very good considering what it has to offer.

The other models of the range haven’t been touched for the 2017 MY and that’s to be expected considering that Honda heavily revised them only a few months ago. This means that there is also a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated mill with 185 or 189 horsepower in the Sports trim level while the top of the range cars can be fitted with a 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 which churns out an impressive 278 horsepower. One of the best choices has to be the base 2.4-liter engine because it not only offers a good level of performance but it is also one of the most reliable engines ever fitted to a car.

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2017 Honda Accord Changes

New 2017 Honda Accord

While the 2016 model received a lot of updates to its exterior and even its cabin, the upcoming 2017 Honda Accord will be nearly identical to it. The only difference will be represented by the new hybrid trim level which will come equipped with new “Turbine” style wheels that should decrease road noise as well as it will get slightly more aggressive, but more efficient, front bumper and rear bumpers which are going to complete the look. Also, the car will get blue-tinted tail lights and headlights which are going to be unique for the hybrid version of the new Accord.


As standard, the hybrid model of the car is going to get a 7-inch touch-screen which will support both Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto and a new instrument cluster with a large LCD screen that will provide information about the hybrid powertrain.

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