2017 Dodge Durango Price

While there have been many rumors in the past about an updated version of the current Durango, it seems that the 2017 Dodge Durango is actually going to be an entirely new car which will have little in common with the ongoing generation. This might seem a bit unusual but the place of the current model is going to be taken by a new Jeep Wagoneer while the Durango is going to get smaller and slightly more interesting. The platform for the future car is still unknown and there is a fair amount of people saying that the new car will receive the same platform as the upcoming Charger. This would be really interesting as the new platform will be rear wheel drive but it would also make the car more expensive than many other larger models.

2017 Dodge Durango Price

We believe that the future Durango is actually going to be based on Chrysler’s Compact US Wide platform which is a front wheel drive chassis, the same as that on the new Pacifica. This also means that its extensive towing capabilities or its rather average off-road character are going to be gone and instead the new model is going to become more of a minivan rather than a crossover while its price should get closer to $25,000 which will make it the perfect replacement for the current Grand Caravan.

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New 2017 Dodge Durango

Even though the new 2017 Dodge Durango will be moved on a more average platform than the older rear wheel drive one, Dodge is very likely going to offer the Durango not only in the usual minivan trim levels but also in some special ones that should make the car a lot more interesting than its competitors. Because it will be in the same class with the Pacifica, which is aimed for those looking for luxury, the Durango is going to be aimed at those looking for a more rugged car with plenty of performance to spare.

The current generation of the Durango is one of the more butch-looking models out there and the new version should make no exception. It will certainly be smaller than before but the rather impressive proportions are likely to be kept in order to become the tough minivan everyone is expecting. Unlike many other minivans, though, the Durango is unlikely going to receive sliding rear doors or even the long and low profile. Instead, we expect a tall, wide and shorter car which will still have space for up to eight people in certain models. Also, an “off-road” trim level which may include things such as a raised suspension, beefier tires, and steel skid plates might be offered from the start or even as standard in certain markets.

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Dodge Durango

Dodge Durango 2017 Specs

Because the new platform of the 2017 Dodge Durango is going to have its engine mounted horizontally, it means that the large Hemi V8 is no longer going to be an option. This was a trademark of the Durango so far but Dodge should replace it with equally capable engines. We expect the base model to make use of a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated V6, just as before, while a top of the range versions are likely going to receive a new twin-turbocharged V6 which has been in development by Chrysler for some time now.
This could easily be capable of offering 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque, more than the old 5.7 liter V8, and with the help of an optional towing package the Durango might have what it takes to tow close to 7.500 pounds which would become more than pretty much any other minivan on the market. Both engines will very likely be mated to a new 9-speed automatic gearbox, the same as in the new Pacifica.

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