2016 VW Tiguan Release Date

The current model of the Tiguan launched back in 2007, so it is one of the oldest compact crossovers on the market. This is also the main reason why sales have been declining in the last few years and especially now when VW will be facing a trial due to a lot of problems with their diesel engines. The 2016 VW Tiguan is expected to be the last one of this series which would make a lot of sense considering it is more than eight years old now. This last generation model will include exterior and interior upgrades, slight changes to their engines as well as a price drop, for the first time in this model’s life.

2016 VW Tiguan Price and Release Date

In fact, the price of the base model of the 2016 VW Tiguan is expected to start at just $23,000 which is more than $2,000 less than before. Also, the top of the range model will cost around $1,400 less than the previous version while offering a few extras. The 2016 model has already been released, and it is expected to go on sale in the next couple of months.

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2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

2016 VW Tiguan Engine

Regarding engines, the best selling one, the 2-liter diesel offering, is likely going to be pulled out of the market. The same goes with the smaller 1.6-liter diesel. This is because VW has been altering the emissions of their cars and they may even get banned on the US territory. Until then, though, they will continue to sell the Tiguan with the 2 liters turbocharged inline 4 which still offers 200 horsepower and more than 200 lb-ft of torque. On of that, the European model is expected to get a plug-in hybrid which is also going to be offered in the United States shortly after. This will use a small turbocharged petrol engine coupled with an electric motor and a battery pack which will provide around 30 miles of all-electric range.

Exterior and Interior Design

2016 Volkswagen Tiguan

The exterior of the 2016 VW Tiguan will also go through several upgrades over the older model. Firstly, there is going to be a new trim level available for all the markets it is available in. The SEL or Highline Premium model will feature new 19 inch rims, a bigger screen for VW’s infotainment system as well as leather seats, a panoramic sunroof and even ventilated front seats with perforated leather. Further upgrades over the older model will include VW’s MIB II infotainment unit, slightly different aluminum inserts on some special edition models which should up the value of the car as well as privacy glass with UV protection.

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