2016 Chevy El Camino Specs

The El Camino has its roots in the Australian UTEs which are basically half pickup trucks, half coupes. These rather unusual cars have been quite successful in the US as well but all of them have been discontinued before the early 1990s because people started to lose interest. On the home market of Australia, on the other hand, many people still buy UTEs such as the Maloo which is one of the most powerful ever made. This is the car which made many Americans wonder how it would be to own such a car once again and it seems that GM might respond to that request with the 2016 Chevy El Camino, a car which has been rumored for decades but only now a concept is closer than it ever was.

2016 Chevy El Camino Review

The car should be released by the end of the year and even though it will be just a concept, it should give us a good idea about Chevrolet’s plans. Just like with the original, we expect it to be a coupe with a truck bed behind it. The platform it will be based on is still unknown but considering the roots of such a car, we expect the new generation El Camino to be based on GM’s rear-wheel-drive Alpha platform which underpins a few of their high-end cars, one of them being the Camaro. The price hasn’t been set for now and the production model is likely a few years away but when it will be launched we expect them to offer it at a higher price than the Camaro.

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Chevy El Camino

This is because even though the 2016 Chevy El Camino is likely going to classified as a pickup truck, thanks to its highly capable platform it has all the chances to become a true sports car that will happen to have a bed behind it. This is the exact same recipe as the Maloo but the El Camino should be offered with more engine options and with more features for its cabin which will make it not only a great car for those that need a pickup bed most of the time but also for those that want something a bit more unique.

Chevy El Camino 2016 Images

So far it seems that it is very probable that the El Camino will share some of its design elements with the Camaro and even with GM’s other higher end products. This will allow it to be part of a family of cars and the sporty roots will make it a very interesting choice. There is still no word on the actual size of the car but it seems we might get a similar length to the CT6 which could allow GM to make a four-door version as well.

2016 Chevy El Camino Specs

Like we said, unlike the Maloo which is an all our sports car with a bed, the future 2016 Chevy El Camino and its production model are expected to hit the market with a set of engines ranging from a rather basic 2.5 liter naturally aspirated mill offering 200 horsepower and 191 lb-ft of torque and ending up with a large 4.8 liter twin-turbocharged V8 which has been in development for some time now. Other offerings will certainly include a 2 liter turbocharged mill with close to 250 horsepower as well as a larger 3.6 liter naturally aspirated V6 with close to 320 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. A manual should be standard while GM’s 10-speed automatic will be an option.
Unlike many other pickups, the 2016 Chevy El Camino is likely going to be rear wheel drive only and despite its rather sporty character, it should also be able to tow considerably more than, for example, the Camaro.

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